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Assistant Professor/ Associate Professor/ Professor jobs in bhopal

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Cassius Technologies Private Limited (On behalf of Indian Institute of Forest Management IIFM) releases job notification for various faculties like Assistant and Associate Professor.

Qualification Requirement

Faculty positions (03 Posts) on deputation basis at the level of Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor in the faculty areas of (i) Technical Forestry and Information Technology & Quantitative Techniques from outstanding Indian Forest Service(IFS) .Aspirants must have a Ph.D. degree.

Job Roles

The work of Assistant and Associate professor is around engaging young people in analyzing and thinking about data. We live in this data-driven world and the data-media-driven world as I’m walking around on the stage, there is a smartphone in my pocket and it’s collecting data I’m moving around and the smartphone is sort of collecting data on my walking pattern and it’s being sent to some server and hosted by Google somewhere and soon enough, there might a day when I might get insurance discount, health insurance discount based on what Google knows about me and what data my smartphone has collected Even today, in countries like Kenya for example, this data might be used to determine whether I get a financial donor or not.This is an increasing trend and this has broad implications for how we live our lives as individuals and as a society. And there’s a lot of being around this you know many of our rights, including some of our constitutionally guaranteed rights, are being subjected to and probabilistic processes and that’s a question about whether this is the direction that we want to go on or not.And one response to this is that we need to start to think about having a broad group of people think about these questions because a lot of these technologies are developed by often Western technologies who happens to be white implications of this is if you look at face recognition technology which is often used in these data-driven systems.Face recognition systems perform really badly for people who have darker skin color. So my work is to try to ensure that we engage a broader group of people and trying to think about these technologies and understand these technologies. I work mostly with kids. Kids as young as 11 My work is to develop new tools and experiences that engage young people in analyzing data, understanding data, but also questioning data. And I do this through this iterative process where I develop and design new tools but in the process I observe people use tools to develop best practices in terms of design, identify what are the difficult concepts that are around, analyzing data that people struggle with when they’re trying to analyze data And also to essentially look at long-term engagement patterns when people are engaging in these sorts of activities because the work that I often work in is around informal learning where it’s driven by interest and one challenge with informal learning is it is very hard to engage people long-term in an informal learning process.Finally, another important thing that I try to understand and study is around ensuring that diverse learners get engaged in the technologies that I develop and the reason for this is that stem technology has not been as diverse as people have wanted it to be and given that you know as these technologies go on to affect our lives in so fundamentally ways there’s a real risk that if this pattern continues of non-representative participation in stem technologies, there’s a very real risk that many of the progress that we have made in terms of civil rights over the last 50 years or so maybe lost and so, I, whenever I work on any project, I try to share the value of diverse and broaden participation.

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You can apply through the National Career Services Portal .Direct Link

FAQ’s about Assistant and Associate Jobs.

1) How many post open for Assistant Professors?There are a total of three jobs opening for Assistant Professor/ Associate Professor.2) Can Freshers Apply for Assistant Professor Post?No, only an Experienced candidate allows to apply.3) How much Experience Required?Total Experience (in years) to apply for Assistant Professor/ Associate Professor/ Professor is 41 years.4) What is the Job location?Candidate can apply from anywhere but job location is Bhopal Madhya Pradesh India.

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